SIEL 2018 AGM – Election results

SIEL held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Biennial Conference in Washington D.C..SIEL has seen a change in a number of officer and Executive Council membership positions this July. 

The elections were held in accordance with the procedures set out in our Society’s bylaws and subsequent to the report of SIEL’s Nominating Committee, which had been circulated to SIEL members in advance. The results were as follows:


Peter Van den Bossche was elected as President,

Markus Wagner was elected as Executive Vice President (a position shared with Shin-yi Peng),

Maria Laura Marceddu and Franziska Sucker were elected as Treasurers,

Amy Porges was elected as Secretary (a position that will be shared with Krista Nadakavukaren Schefer).


Padideh Ala’i, Freya Baetens, Gracia Marin Duran, Suresh Nanwani and Susan Isiko Strba were reelected as Executive Council Members;

Ilaria Espa, Pasha Hsieh, Johanna Jacobsson, David Kleimann, Maria J. Pereyra , Weihuan Zhou were elected as new Executive Council Members. Together with our continuing Executive Council Members Holger Hestermeyer, Meredith Kolsky Lewis, Federico Ortino, Colin Picker and Lisa Toohey, the new executive team of the SIEL is now complete to serve the Society.


Henri Culot, Bryan Mercurio, Fabio Morosini, Engela C Schlemmer and Stephan W. Schill were elected to serve as external members of the Nominating Committee.

Our heartfelt thanks are due to the outgoing officers, including President Gabrielle Marceau, Co-Vice President Holger Hestermeyer, Treasurers Junji Nakagawa and Jose Caiado, and Executive Council Members Andrew Lang, Michael EwingChow, Jurgen Kurtz, Galina Zukova and Jumoke Oduwole for their service to the SIEL. The AGM closed with a laudatio for Gabrielle Marceau, delivered by Colin Picker, for her dedication and leadership during her six-year Presidency.

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