The Third Biennial Global Conference of the Society of International Economic Law (SIEL) was held in Singapore and hosted by the National University of Singapore’s Centre for International Law (CIL) ( and Faculty of Law ( on 12-14 July 2012. The CIL website for the conference, which includes helpful information about the venue, such as suggested hotels, may be found at: 


Conference Themes


Over the course of the last two decades, the communities of scholars, practitioners and others active in the area of international economic law have grown and diversified in ways that few could have predicted. The field of international economic law now includes a diverse array of participants and covers many new substantive issues. Inevitably, the term international economic law defies easy definition: it is at once both a fully integrated part of public international law and an identifiable field in its own right.


This conference provides an opportunity for exploring many different facets of international economic law.  Given that the aim of the Society includes fostering research in the area of IEL and promoting cooperation among all parts within the field, the SIEL Global Conference offers a forum for those inside and outside academia to exchange pedagogical and research methods, as well as to explore greater cooperation among the many different constituencies of the field.    


There will be plenary and concurrent panels. Each panel will be moderated and may also have commentators on the papers presented.  As the program shows, many of the eminent members of the SIEL Founding Executive Council and members of the present SIEL Executive Council are also  attending the conference - as presenters, commentators, and as Key Note Speakers (see conference program page at this website for a full listing as information becomes available or click here).


As with the SIEL’s previous conferences, there were presentations of over 100 papers by IEL scholars, new and established, from around the world, covering the many different facets of the field.  Papers are available through SSRN.


SIEL 2012 Singapore Conference Committee


Chairs: Douglas Arner; Michael Ewing-Chow; Meredith Kolsky Lewis; & Colin Picker.


Committee Members: Ichiro Araki; Freya Baetens; Laurence Boulle; Tomer Broude; Chris Brummer; Won-Mog Choi; Bradly Condon; Abhijit Das; Susan Franck; Henry Gao; Norah Gallagher; Tomohiko Kobayashi; Jurgen Kurtz; Doris Lopez; Shin-yi Peng; Julia Qin; Michelle Ratton Sanchez; Ed Sim; Vera Thorstensen; Tania Voon; Heng Wang; Rolf H. Weber; & Galina Zukova.


With the administrative support of Gerry Ng of NUS.