SIEL International Investment Law Network

Due to the great interest in international investment law, SIEL has established an International Investment Law Network as a sub-group within the SIEL framework to build a network amongst academics and academically-minded practitioners and officials interested in the field of international investment law.  The Network is designed to be an inclusive group open to all SIEL members.  Its purpose is to foster a specialised level of engagement and encourage targeted SIEL events on investment.

The launch of the SIEL Investment Network took place at the Investment Treaty Law and Arbitration: Evolution and Revolution in Substance and Procedure conference, 19-20 February, 2010, held at the Sydney Law School, University of Sydney.  Since that time, investment has been a substantial part of each of the major SIEL conferences.   More events are under development.

For more information, please contact:

Kate Miles, University of Sydney, Australia (

Dr Federico Ortino, King’s College, London (

Dr Christina Knahr, University of Vienna, Austria ( )

Andrew Newcombe, University of Victoria, Canada (

Andrea Bjorklund, McGill University Faculty of Law, Canada  (