1st SIEL Conversation – 23 July 2020

2nd Conversation – 27 August 2020

3rd SIEL Conversation – 10 September 2020

4th SIEL Conversation – 29 October 2020

5th SIEL Conversation – 19 November 2020

6th SIEL Conversation – 28 January 2021

The aim of SIEL Conversations is to bring together authors and commentators to give talks that are idea-focused so as to foster learning and inspiration, and provoke conversations that matter. Each SIEL Conversation will last approximately one hour and will include commentary from the speakers, with questions from the public.


Maria Laura Marceddu, Peter Van den Bossche, Shin-yi Peng, Markus Wagner

Steering Committee

Padideh Ala’i, Freya Baetens, David Kleimann, Suresh Nanwani, Amy Porges, Susan Isiko Strba, Franziska Sucker, Weihuan Zhou